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Farewell from Winter

Hey everyone, Max here. I wanted to let you know that Winter has decided that the Cardkeeper mission is no longer worth the danger to her family and friends, and that any effort to hold back the forces of opposition have become future. However, she didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye, so she sent me a letter to post on the blog:

My Beloveds,

I know that Aiden and Page, along with some of the Elementals, have attempted one last rallying of the troops, but I have assured them that such effort is futile. Our mission is complete.

We have won many battles, but have we won the war? I don’t think so. I have decided that it is impossible to vanquish the forces of evil: greed, anger, fear, lust for power, etc. Through G.A.T.E. we attempted to build libraries and learning centers dedicated to teaching the Keeper philosophy and methodology, but few heard our message. We are in a different time and place than we were even a year ago, and it’s time to move on.

I have decided that being a Keeper and working with other Keepers is no longer worth the pain, the fear, the loneliness, and the danger to those I love and care about.

So I am moving on. For good. You won’t hear from me again.

The time we had together will always be special to me; it changed me for the better. It changed my view of humanity and the way I see the world.

Never forget that you are intelligent, creative, capable of doing anything you set your mind to, and loved.

All of My Love Always,